Email Contacts for Chapter Officers and other Committee Members

Chair, Lesley Ewing, FN'93

Vice Chair, Jimmy Friedman, MN'19

Treasurer, Anna Freitas, MN'17

Secretary, Joyce Chang, MN'17

Webmaster, Len Bruffett, MN'21

Editor-Newsletter, Anders Jepsen, FN'03

Field-Trip Coordinator, Tom Dietz, FN'20

Social Media, Margeigh Novotny, Sirdar

Email Contacts for Chapter Board of Directors

Director, Kim Chambers MN'16

Director, Thomas Dietz FN'20

Director, Paul Freitas MN'10

Director, Satya Gontcho a Gontcho MI'21


Email Contacts for officers at The Explorers Club Headquarters, NYC

President, Richard Garriott de Cayeux,

Treasurer, Barbara Doran,

Secretary, Arnella Trent,

Vice President, Martin Nweeia - VP for Flag & Honors,

Vice President, Jeremy Hirschhorn - VP for Membership,

Vice President, Trevor Wallace - VP for Research & Education,

Vice President, Nancy McGee - VP for Chapters,

Vice President, Mark Fowler - VP for Conservation, Wildlife, Sustainability,

Vice President, Lynn Danaher - VP for Mission Programming,

Ombudsman, Milbry Polk,


Email Contacts for Board of Directors at The Explorers Club Headquarters, NYC

Constance Difede

Barbara Doran

Kellie Gerardi

David Isserman

Brianna Rowe