The Explorers Club, Northern California Chapter

The Northern California Chapter of The Explorers Club presents:

Dan Liebowitz, MN-66

The Man Who Stopped Slavery in East Africa

DINNER MEETING - Friday, December 1, 1995, St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco (see map at the end)

  • 6:00 PM, Business meeting
  • 6:30 PM, Coctails
  • 7:30 PM, Dinner
  • 8:30 PM, Speaker
  • $35.00 each

    This talk is based on a book Dan has written, but which has not yet been published. He and his expedition retraced the steps of Kirk and Livingston's second Zambesi trip in South and Central Africa, following the Zambesi River and on to Zanzibar. His group carried Explorers Club Flag #60.

    Elections will be held at this meeting for the next year.

    Our January speaker will be Dr. Eric Weiss, wilderness medicine doctor, on Mountain Medicine in the Kumbu, Nepal.

    Last Month's Meeting:

    Members and guests were treated to a new dimension in presentation as Kim Grandfield showed coordinated video and slides of the kayaking in the spectacular scenery of Northeast Greenland. The video allowed us to watch the behavior of muskox, Arctic hares and foxes, and narwhal, as well as follow the kayakers pushing through fresh sea ice or cruising on mirror smooth waters. The two pieces of background music Kim used were quite wonderful. They are "Beyond Words" by Exchange, and "Cuchama" by Govi.

    News of Members:

    photo of Joe

    Congratulations to Joe Rychetnik E-67 on his new book, Alaska's Sky Follies, The Funny Side of Flying in the Far North. Joe's laugh-a-line book reveals the not-so-glamorous truth about an earlier era of aviation when breaking the rules was the rule, when even temperamental airplanes and aerial mishaps had a humorous side. The book is available for $17.95 (includes S&H) from Epicenter Press, P.O. Box 82368, Kenmore, WA 98028.

    We received the following email message from Murat A. Armbruster that resulted in a nice visit to the USGS science-education resources collection: Dear Mr. Diggles [FN-92], I am a fellow EC member from the east coast and I am on the technology committee at the New York Chapter. I think it is great that you put up a site for the Club. I currently run a non-profit called GlobaLearn which is dedicated to using the exploration of the world and the Internet as the leading resources for children in their classrooms...
    Also I am planning to be in the Bay area November 4-10. I am always eager to meet with EC members from different chapters. If you would like to get together or if you know of anyone whom you think might be interested in what I am doing with GlobaLearn, please let me know. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Congratulations on the site. Yours, Murat A. Armbruster, FN '94.
    Murat Armbruster is Founder and President of GlobaLearn, Inc. Murat began developing the idea for a global educational expedition in the fall of 1992 and has since gained international support for GlobaLearn and its expeditions. Murat is one of four explorers traveling through Central Turkey for the G-7 Turkey Expedition. He honed his outdoors and expeditionary skills while trekking through Alaska and Asia. GlobaLearn, a non-profit corporation, will expose young students to global issues through universal themes and encourage interactive learning and cooperation among students internationally. Using expeditions and communications technology GlobaLearn will engage schoolchildren in learning about the world. The GlobaLearn mission is to prepare children for responsible stewardship of the earth. Beginning in September 1996, GlobaLearn will mount the GlobaLearn Expedition Northern Hemisphere as its first interactive global education project. A team of nine men and women will drive three vehicles equipped with telecommunication technologies through thirty-seven nations in the northern hemisphere. At each stopping point, the team will be hosted by ten to twelve-year-old children while students in the United States follow this live multimedia expedition via computers and televisions. The explorers will act as the eyes and ears of these students, responding to their inquiries and investigating the geography, culture, history, environment and daily lives of children in the selected countries.

    Upon return from her mountaineering trip to Mt. Doonerak in Alaska, Betsy Crowder FN-94 returned Explorers Club Flag #86. She wrote that the flag honorably traversed some to the more difficult terrain in the central Brooks Range although the group did not summit. The purpose of the trip was to travel cross-country from Chimney Lake (north of Bettles in Gates of the Arctic National Park in northern Alaska) to Marshall Lake at the base of Mt. Doonerak. After the summit attempt, the group would descend to the North Fork of the Koyukuk River and canoe downstream to a rendezvous with the float planes at Long Lake.

    We are saddened at the passing of Stacy French FN-78 last month. He died of pneumonia on October 13 at the age of 87. Born in Lowell, Mass., he earned a doctorate from Harvard University in 1934. He was a professor of biology at Stanford University from 1947 to 1973, during which time he also served as director of the division of plant biology at the Carnegie Institution. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a great supporter of The Explorers Club. We extend our sympathy to his wife Lee with whom he attended many meetings here. Betsy Crowder FN-94 gave us a very nice talk on Stacy's life and times and Vice Chairman Bill Isherwood FN-70, who presided over the meeting in the absence of the chairman, asked for a moment of silence to remember Stacy.


    We have instituted a new policy of collecting $10 for attending just the feature presentation. This is to help share in support of the meeting logistics, speaker, etc.

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