A Sirdar... Originally a Persian and Indian word meaning "a person of high rank", one holding a responsible position. In Explorers Club expeditions, a Sirdar provides a vital and leadership role in providing support for the expedition, especially in India and the Himalayan regions. Tenzing Norgay was Sir Edmond Hillary's Sirdar.

We invite you to join us as a Sirdar—an official friend—of the San Francisco/Northern California chapter of the Explorers Club. As a Sirdar, you will receive e-mail notification of all chapter events open to guests and be welcome to attend all such events on the same basis as Explorers Club members.

As a Sirdar you would have a voice and be welcome to support planning activites for the Chapter events. There are many tasks you may lead or assist here in the S.F. Bay region, but nothing as strenuous as Tenzing Norgay performed to summit Mt. Everest (29,032 feet above sea level).

The yearly Dues for a Sirdar membership are $50/calendar year.

Download the application form, fill it in, enclose your check, and mail it to us; you'll really enjoy this. And all of us will really enjoy you.